Indexed Insurance and Annuities

In these turbulent times, financial security is a high priority.   Family protection in the event of an untimely death as well as saving for retirement are key concerns. There is a new breed of insurance products you should know about that give you the opportunity to potentially out perform traditional fixed products. These products do so by utilizing an interest rate formula that considers positive changes in a well-known index (subject to participation rates and caps) while assuring you no losses to principal and previously credited interest when the index goes down.

You may have heard of these new fixed insurance products, Indexed Universal Life and Annuities. These products provide “upside potential with downside protection.”

There are many interest strategies available within each of these contracts.   You choose which one or a combination of several you want to use. One option bases interest credits for your policy on positive changes in either the S&P 500® and/or the Russell 2000®. This allows you to take advantage of the “upside potential” when the index goes up.

In the event the index value declines, each index interest crediting strategy provides a 0% floor. This provides “downside protection” so that your policy will never lose value, in other words, the interest credited rate will never be negative. You are also purchasing a contract where once interest is credited, it can never be lost. Interest amounts cannot be deducted from your value due to a decline in the index.

Among some of the benefits available on Indexed products are Accelerated Benefit Riders, available at no additional cost, which allow you to access all or part of your death benefit to help pay the costs associated with a terminal or chronic illness. Or if you choose, at an additional cost, you can add a Long Term Care rider to help pay for assisted living, nursing home, home health care and adult day care. 

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